Optimisation of the structural form of arches against gravitational and inertial loading

For spanning long and within the ISRU framework (use of regoltih as a structural material), we have decided that the most ideal structural type to use is arches (in 2D) of different geometries (circular, parabolic, catenary, etc). Arches are known to rely mainly on compressive forces and through their thrust lines to convey the external loading to their supports/foundation/springing.

Self-weight and compression provide their inherent lateral stability as well. Hence, due to low gravity (on the Moon almost 1/6 of the Earth’s gravitational field), this stability is not there anymore resulting to a requirement for arches with great wall thickness. The idea to use both rigorous engineering principles and AI algorithms in order to optimise the structural form of arches in order to be able to withstand inertial loading becomes more than evident.